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Curriculum and Instruction

Section 1: Curriculum Development Process Outlines a systemwide process for articulating an instructional vision, developing a local curriculum aligned to the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards (MCCRS) and selecting a primary high-quality instructional material (HQIM) from MDE vetted programs to support. 
Section 2: Professional Learning Communities Emphasizes a systems-based approach to developing a shared understanding of the PLC process as an aspect of continuous improvement, the role of leadership in creating a supportive culture and the role of teachers as effective collaborators within a learning community.
Section 3: Balanced System of Assessment - Provides guidance on how teachers and leaders can implement a comprehensive, balanced system of assessments to ensure high-quality and reliable assessment practices with a focus on the formative assessment process and providing stakeholders with effective strategies for noticing, recognizing and responding to evidence of student learning.
Section 4: Evidence-Based Instructional Practices - Supports leaders and teachers in understanding what constitutes an evidence-based practice, in coordinating a system of effective instruction aligned to disciplinary practices and outcomes of the MSCCRS and in evaluating the quality of instructional practices.