Student Attendance Policy

To Parents and Students:

The attendance policy is not in the printed Student Handbook, but can be found in the Student Handbook (page 21) on our district website.

The policy has been board approved.


All absences must be duly documented by the parent/guardian on each day of absence. Telephone calls are not accepted on the day the student returns to school. 

Written notes from parents/guardians or medical/dental excuses must be received on the day of return to school if the absence is to be excused. The student must present a signed written excuse from a parent, guardian, or doctor on the day the student returns to school unless permission to be absent was granted by school officials before the absence occurred. 

The written excuse should contain: 

  • The date it was written 
  • Full name of the student
  • The date(s) the student was absent
  • The signature of the parent, guardian, custodian, or doctor
  • The phone number where the parent, guardian, or custodian can be reached
  • After (3) excused absences per semester, a doctor’s excuse will be required for excusing an absence. 
  • Exceptions can be made by the principal when extreme circumstances arise. If a student misses

5 unexcused days, he/she will be reported to the attendance officer.