Mississippi P-EBT for Families

Mississippi has been authorized to provide benefits to eligible families for both the 2020-2021 school year AND Summer 2021.  These funds are meant to help families with additional food costs they may have experienced due to Covid-related school closures during the last school year.  ALL students who received free or reduced-price lunches are eligible for both distributions.
Benefits are estimated to be mailed between late September and late October.
    -   Summer benefits will be issued first because more families are receiving Summer benefits.
    -   Approximately 2 weeks later, School Year 2020-21 benefits will be loaded onto the same cards.
    -   A MS P-EBT card will be mailed to each eligible child with their name on it.
    -   Both benefits will be loaded onto the same cards (one per child).
    -   MSIS numbers CANNOT be provided over the telephone.  Parents/Guardians must go to the school to                  retrieve this number or log in to their Active Parent account.
Please use the P-EBT hotline for any questions at 1-833-316-2423.