2020 6th Brigade College Leadership Fair

Since our 6th brigade (southeastern United States) college/university ROTC Reps (ROOs) did not get to meet with JROTC instructors this summer at our JROTC Workshops, this is the next best way to still help instructors, Cadets, and students informed about the ROTC Scholarship opportunities available.  This event is for HS students and Cadets across the nation to learn more about ROTC/Officership through the past, present, and future Cadets/officers that will be speaking. Attached document has more information and the link below is the registration site if any student would like to register and either learn more about ROTC scholarships or attempt to win cool door prizes. There is no registration fee and even the JROTC Cadre or parents can attend and learn more about ROTC Scholarship opportunities.

All of the Brigades ROOs (college/university ROTC Reps) will have a table at this event and will be representing over 100 universities and colleges in the 6th Bde footprint. Even if the student or Cadet does not wish to attend one of our ROTC programs in the southeastern US, 6th Brigade can refer them to a college/university they are interested in.
Any questions can be sent to Mr. Jay A. Hansen at our 6th brigade HQs.
Office: 912-315-7210, Cell: 912-220-7730, Fax: 912-315-8310jay.a.hansen.civ@mail.mil